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Become Happier At Work

Every year the Society for Human Resource Management puts out an employee satisfaction survey. One of the measurements of job satisfaction they utilize is job engagement. Engagement is very important for companies to understand because engaged employees work harder and … Continue reading

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The waters cap in a spray of white A perfected dance of liquid delight Ever searching to make their way to land Only to die when they reach the sand What a disappointment it must be To lose perspective, it’s … Continue reading

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What Do You Want?

At some point during my first meeting with a coaching client I will ask them, “What is it you want to achieve?”  You would be surprised at the number of people who cannot answer that question, at least not right … Continue reading

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Your Perception of Failure

One of my all time favorite movies is the animated movie “Meet The Robinson’s.” In the YouTube video above you will find young Lewis fixing his peanut butter and jelly sandwich maker, but it turns out to be a miserable … Continue reading

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Who Are You? (In Less Than 30 Seconds)

Who Am I?  The eternal question that has been asked throughout the ages will not be answered here today.  Sorry to disappoint.  I will, however, address what most people mean when they ask the question, “Who are you?”  It is … Continue reading

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Denying Self

The concept of denying yourself goes against every fiber in the fabric of our society. Commercials on the radio, television and movies continually encourage us to follow our feelings and do what is best for ourselves. Their underlying message is, … Continue reading

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