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You Can Not Multiply The Wealth by Dividing It !!!

I am not a big reblogger, but I had to reblog this one. We owe it to ourselves to seek truth and not just ways to win our political arguments. The example in this blog urges me to strive to … Continue reading

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Foundational Truths

Would you go to a seven year old for advice on major life decisions?  What if I said, “You already do.”  Would you agree or disagree? Stay with me on this one, I promise there is method to my madness… … Continue reading

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Knowledge vs Wisdom

“Knowledge is the accumulation of truth; Wisdom is knowing how to apply the truth to your everyday life.” – JohnnyWalker.Co

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What Is Coaching?

There is a new group of helping professionals on the market that go by the label “coach.”  You may have heard of life coaching, business coaching, or even executive coaching.  All of these are forms of coaching, but the problem … Continue reading

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Fund Raising

Fund Raising. A blog created for a mission trip to Uruguay my son and I are taking.  We will be using the blog to keep a daily log during the trip in June. This one is about what I have … Continue reading

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What Is Your One Thing?

From an early age most of us were asked the age old question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Even then I can remember looking at the adults around me and wondering how someone could possibly … Continue reading

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