America Used To Be Beautiful

America has rejected the idea that we are a melting pot, and embraced the idea that we are a salad bowl.

America, for too many years, has believed the lie that says, “by celebrating differences we will cover more ground” Instead of relying on the proven experiences of our great heritage that only when we find commonalities do we bond together and fuel an achievement drive that no other nation has ever experienced.

America now completely believes the lie that diversity empowers us as a nation, when in fact it does not. We have forgotten the deep truth found in the motto: “United we stand, divided we fall.”

We have forgotten what made immigrants unify, we have forsaken what made us strong.

America used to be beautiful. We can be once again, if only we remember the truth found in our heritage and forsake the lies of those who want to see us fail.

About Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker is an executive coach, and corporate facilitator and speaker. As a licensed channel partner with Integrity Solutions, and the author of Foundational Core Values training, Johnny offers concrete processes that enable your people do what they do best, more often, more consistently and more effectively. Visit www.JohnnyWalker.Co and for more information on how he can help you and your team make it to the next level of success!
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