It’s Not B2B or B2C, It’s H2H

H2H stands for Human to Human, and that is what business is all about!  

You might be a business selling to other businesses, but it’s not the companies that are interacting, it’s the people within those companies!  And before you dismiss me with a wave and a “Thank you, Dr. Obvious” type comment, you need to chew on that for a minute. 

It is believed that Emotional Intelligence is 2x the indicator of success than IQ is.  

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your own emotions and how they are effecting the relationships around you. I will take it a step further and say that exceptional emotional intelligence is when you can also understand the emotions of others and how they are effecting those people and their decision making. 

In Business terms IQ is the equivent to “product knowledge.”  Does it have value?  Yes, but until you understand the people you are interacting with and their perception of their needs, you are just another product pusher coming through their door. 

This is true for those of you offering services too. Your services are your products.

The vast majority of companies rank themselves much higher on emotional intelligence than their customers do.  Even worse, most companies don’t understand why a customer left, or even attempt to find out!

Just as employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers; customers don’t leave your company, they leave your:

  • Poor customer service 
  • Sales people that care more about selling product than the customers success in using it
  • Manipulative tactics that result in buyers remorse 
  • Big concern about your year end numbers, and small concern of them overstocking your product

Is your company B2B, B2C or H2H focused?  Here are some tough questions that may help you figure that out:

  • Are you willing to lose a large sales opportunity if it’s not in the best interest of your customer?
  • Will you sell something to your customer they don’t really need or want?
  • Do you spend more time talking about your product or learning about your customers needs?
  • When you are with a customer, are you talking more or are they?
  • Do your sales people ask leading questions to get the answers they want, or open ended questions to better understand the customer’s needs?
  • Is your success found in your bottom line numbers or the level of customer loyalty you have obtained this year?
  • Do your sales people sell the way you want other sales people to sell to you?
  • Do your customer service reps follow a script or are they empowered to solve customer’s problems?

    You can argue that without the numbers you can’t survive, and I will calmly respond with “you will never survive without your customers.”

    Changing a culture from B2B or B2C to H2H takes a concrete process that is simple to implement, coachable and duplicatable.

    For more information on how to accomplish that kind of culture change contact us, we can help!  JohnnyWalker.Co


    About Johnny Walker

    Johnny Walker is an executive coach, and corporate facilitator and speaker. As a licensed channel partner with Integrity Solutions, and the author of Foundational Core Values training, Johnny offers concrete processes that enable your people do what they do best, more often, more consistently and more effectively. Visit www.JohnnyWalker.Co and for more information on how he can help you and your team make it to the next level of success!
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    3 Responses to It’s Not B2B or B2C, It’s H2H

    1. Alisa Walker says:

      Awesome blog!

      You’re such a talented writer. You’re clear, concise, and your content is always applicable. I’m looking forward to reading your next blog.

      Your biggest fan,


      Alisa Walker, MA
      Executive Assistant
      (205) 369-7069


    2. gloria dennis says:

      This truly blessed my spirit. Please continue to embrace and encourage others to be true to H2H. We need more true- to- life and engaging conversations!
      Gloria Dennis

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