Is Coaching For You?

Most coaches help you achieve the “next level of success.”  It’s not a difficult process: you identify desires, set goals, reap rewards and then you reassess.  “How do you feel now?” they ask.

“It feels good,” you say, “but something is still missing.”  So the coach helps you identify the next desire, helps you set and achieve more goals, and if you stick with it, you will usually reap the rewards.

RAT-RACEThe problem with this cycle is that it is never ending.  There is nothing “out there” that can make us feel truly satisfied long term.  No amount of achievement, popularity, success, or any other type of “feel good” can give us the long term life satisfaction we are all striving for.

The answer is Values and Purpose based coaching.

Johnny Walker has developed a values based coaching model that helps people to identify the values that are already important to them and use them to:

  • Stop self violation
  • Decrease emotionally based decision making
  • Increase values based decision making
  • Discover who they are
  • Increase life satisfaction
  • Increase self confidence and self esteem
  • Focus on how they choose to respond to the world, instead of demanding the world to give them what they think they want

We have seen people’s lives transformed, even when their circumstances did not.  If you are tired of the running the rat race and searching for that next “something” “out there” that is supposed to bring you happiness, give us a call; we’d like to help.

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