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The Power Of You

One of my favorite quotes is from the movie Spiderman when Uncle Ben looks at Peter and says, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Too often we look at others talents, abilities and resources and say, “If I had what they … Continue reading

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Foundational Truths

Would you go to a seven year old for advice on major life decisions?  What if I said, “You already do.”  Would you agree or disagree? Stay with me on this one, I promise there is method to my madness… … Continue reading

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The Makings of an Entrepreneur

What is an entrepreneur? Growing up I heard that anyone who had the moxie to start their own business was an entrepreneur. So, for years I imagined anyone who refused to “work for the man” as a daring person who … Continue reading

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Learning From Your Weakness

Weakness. Just the word can make you grimace. Go into any group of people: young, old, male, female, American, or foreign and ask, “Who wants to be known as weak?” Not one person will raise their hand. Yet, every one … Continue reading

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