Use Your Big Butt To Serve Others

Too often we say we want to help people BUT something gets in the way.  We all have big but’s in our lives that keep us from doing what we need to in order to give our customer’s service excellence.  Here is a great way to use your big BUTT to serve your customers!big butt

B – Be Glad you are there

  • Use positive affirmations as you approach the person or pick up the phone
  • Value the customer in your mind
  • Let them know you are looking forward to solving their problem

UUnderstand their expectations

  • Ask open ended questions to understand the problem
  • Ask open ended questions to understand the cause
  • Ask open ended questions to understand what they want the results to be

T   – Tell them what you are going to do

  • Be specific and match your action to the cause(s) of the problem
  • Ask them if that would satisfy their need
  • Do what you said

T  – Thank them for giving you the opportunity to help them

  • Be sincere and specific
  • Check to see if there are any additional opportunities to help them
  • Invited them back, and give them directions (phone, email, website, etc)

No more excuses!  Now get your BUTT out there and serve your customers!

About Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker is an executive coach, and corporate facilitator and speaker. As a licensed channel partner with Integrity Solutions, and the author of Foundational Core Values training, Johnny offers concrete processes that enable your people do what they do best, more often, more consistently and more effectively. Visit www.JohnnyWalker.Co and for more information on how he can help you and your team make it to the next level of success!
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